Computer vision

Why You've Got it All Wrong


There’s one fundamental flaw with the reasoning that computer vision, machine learning and artificial intelligence will revolutionize how humans communicate and do business. And it has to do with the word “human”. While human-to-AI interaction will change drastically as the technology evolves, human-to-human interaction will emerge as the single limiting factor to revolutions in how humans communicate and do business with each other. There are certain tenets of human interaction—things like body language, gestures, eye contact, involuntary reaction to micro expressions, and the ability to establish trust—that have remained impressively constant through the onslaught of technological advancements over the past few decades. And the data tells us that trend is unlikely to change. Yet, despite the overwhelming importance of this single criteria, human behavior often takes a backseat to the technology itself. In this talk, we’ll explore these unwavering interaction tenets, and what user behavior shifts we can realistically expect to see over the next 5-10 years as computer vision takes the limelight in communication advancements.

Elizabeth Bieniek

Director of Innovation, Cisco Collaboration