Risks of AI

23 June 2021


Artificial Intelligence holds immense promise. It's the one that mimics human brain by learning, reasoning, predicting and making decisions. It's a doubled edged sword. While this can be said of most new technologies, both sides of the AI blade are far sharper, and neither is well understood. This specific technology makes our life easier but it does have drawbacks and that's why we see experts talk about its potential risks, more than ever. What are those potential risks? How are they different to the other technologies. Are they not supposed to go away by the time? Let's learn about this from one of the renowned expert in this domain, Dr. David Goad

Dr. David Goad

Digital Transformation Specialist & Professor at UoS, UNSW

Arafat Tehsin

Microsoft MVP (AI) & Software Consultant

Somy Ayazi

Lead Consultant

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