AI in Sports

18 August 2021


It is evident that Artificial Intelligence is already making a big difference in many industries and sports is no different. From footy to cricket to Formula 1, Artificial intelligence is being used in Sports to strategize, train, advertise and do much more. In short, AI is significantly impacting the way one view and consumes sports content. In addition to this, it is believed that AI is making a smarter world for sportspersons, advertisers, broadcasters, with real-time statistics. However, is it really making this big impact or it's just a buzz word in the commentary room? Is it really going to affect the future of sports in a good way? What about the Olympics of today and future? How is it being used right now? Let's learn all about this from Microsoft MVP and a PhD. candidate who has a strong research around AI in Sports, Haritha Thilakarathne.

Haritha Thilakarathne

PhD Candidate & Microsoft MVP (AI)

Somy Ayazi

Lead Consultant

Akanksha Malik

Sr. Consultant Data & AI and Microsoft MVP (AI)

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