AI in Code

28 July 2021


Artificial Intelligence is continuously changing the way we interact, shop and work. From intelligent reminders to the recommender systems to forecasting of many businesses, it is improving day by day. Not only that, AI is also changing the way software is developed these days and just in past couple of years, we've seen so many tools powered by AI or machine learning which help accelerate the building of the different applications. Visual Studio IntelliCode is one of those tools which brings you the next generation of developer productivity by providing AI-assisted development. Every developer's keystroke and every review is informed by the best practices and tailored to the code context. All this is cool but they do raise some of the questions and concerns such as, what's going on behind the scenes? Is it affecting developer's velocity or problem solving skills? Is it really making a positive impact for the developers or its just another marketing strategy? Let's ask these hard questions from the IntelliCode team and learn more about this technology.


Mark Wilson-Thomas

Principal Program Manager at Microsoft

Shengyu Fu

Principal Applied Scientist Manager at Microsoft

Arafat Tehsin

Microsoft MVP (AI) & Software Consultant

Jernej Kavka (JK)

SSW Solution Architect, Microsoft MVP (AI)

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