AI for Accessibility

24 November 2021


Artificial intelligence (AI) is all the rage right now. Everything from the way we consume content, conduct business, interact with our peers, transport ourselves, and earn a living is going to be affected by AI-related innovations. In addition to this, AI is now also helping remove accessibility barriers and we can see that many big players in the market have come forward to address the digital accessibility issues such as helping people with cognitive impairments or low literacy skills to understand the content better or speaking out loud for those who can't read it well and so on. But does this mean that AI has made everything compliant enough that so we can safely announce that we're nearly there? Do all the websites, be it on your PC or phone, are good for everyone to browse, shop and fulfill the a11y needs? How about the local market of Australia versus every other country around the world? Let's learn about all of this from a renowned a11y specialist, Pluralsight author and Microsoft MVP, Ross Mullen.

Ross Mulen

Director at Canaxess | a11y Author

Arafat Tehsin

Microsoft MVP (AI) & Software Consultant

Akanksha Malik

Sr. Consultant Data & AI and Microsoft MVP (AI)

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